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“I Personally Guarantee You Will Find Out…if a New Reverse Mortgage is Right for You…and I’m not a young guy either, so…please…get to know me.” – Shawn, the CEO.

…just beginning to gather information?  Or maybe you and your family are getting closer to deciding who to trust with this important financial decision…

Either way, you’ve found a very valuable, single, one-stop resource.  EVERYTHING you need from education & resources to consultation and financial strength is right here.

Please…Get to Know Me…Here’s My Free Offer to You…

I’m delighted to offer you a free 70-minute phone or in-home consultation.  This is a unique offer because…I’m the CEO. Where else can you achieve direct access to the owner and decision maker.  Again, my name is Shawn.

Yes, of course I have a friendly support staff at my company, founded in 1996.  And yes of course I am always busy. But client care has always been my #1 priority for over 33 years, so I have never limited access or compromised my commitment to you.

In the 70 minutes we share together, I will just about “give you the shirt off my back!”  (Ask me to tell you a true story about when I actually did that as a 10-year-old – no joke.)

The benefits of your consultation include:

  • Discover how much money you can get
  • The numbers on selling the home instead
  • How will a reverse mortgage affect medical benefits?
  • Does the lender keep your home? No. How does it work?
  • How will your heirs get your home when you’re gone?

To schedule, call Shawn direct: 949-829-5683 or please let us know how to contact you:

If you’re just beginning and not ready to talk yet, we funded a valuable study I suggest you get a copy of:

After more than $5000.00 invested and five months of tough research plus 500 targeted calls to new reverse mortgage borrowers, we are reporting our findings in THIS STUDY:

Sneaky, New Deceptive Advertising Tricks in Reverse Mortgage Marketing & Five Clever Reverse Mortgage Scams You Must Watch Out For!

Yes, unfortunately, there are unscrupulous operators who will take advantage of you.  Sad but true.

In the six PACKED pages reporting the findings of this valuable study we reveal:

  • Why the biggest companies in this industry (usually on TV) have had recent action taken against them by The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and forced to pay huge penalties.
  • Why are there “fake” consumer advocate – review websites that STEER you towards these very same companies that the CFPB has sanctioned!???
  • What kind of shady home improvement scams lie underneath the reverse mortgage pitch?
  • Why have insurance salesman, financial planners and even real estate operators been identified as characters to be cautious of, and what kind of reverse mortgage scams have they pulled off?

Call me direct for your free copy or we’ll send it to you now!

As a bonus, I’ll also include The Definitive Guide to Reverse Mortgages

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