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My name is Shawn, and I’m an old guy.  You may not think so because I was born in 1960.  But my hair is nearly gone, and my kids are grown up.  I have a mortgage, debts and obligations, just like you do.

I started in the mortgage industry right out of college in 1985.  I got a business degree at Long Beach State…seems like a lifetime ago.

I don’t look like nearly all of my clients.  My parents sent me (and my brother) from Lucknow, a large city in northern India, to live in with our uncle in Lancaster in 1974.  That was very hard as a teen. I didn’t speak English, and I liked girls!

I saw my father again just twice before he died from a heart attack in 1989.  And I saw my mother just once before she fell victim to a homicide in 1991 – also very hard. My uncle, a wise and educated man, who received a Master’s degree from Stanford and a PHD in statistics from UCLA…well, he was “our dad” - he raised us.

Fortunately, as I lost my parents, the love of my life was now by my side to offer comfort and support.  My wife Karen, my two sons and my daughter are my world…I’m very grateful…and I’ve never stopped working my butt off to provide for them.

After more than 33 years of lending money to clients, meeting them face to face, I can claim that I am a Veteran at this.  I don’t know anyo

ne who has done THIS longer than I have. Working with YOU is still my favorite thing to do. I’ve always told myself, “If I wake up one day, and I don’t love this anymore, it’s time to stop and do something else.”  

Shawn Reverse Mortgage Banker

You are my favorite client. I can affect the greatest TRANSFORMATION…and deliver the greatest benefit to my senior clients.  Making loans is actually pretty easy. But changing peoples lives by making a loan…WELL, THAT’S AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT BUSINESS ALTOGETHER!  

That’s a gift…from YOU to me.  Thank you in advance.


What People Say

In a professional context it often happens that private.

Shawn Swaroop funded our first loan together in July of 1997 when I purchased my home in HB. Since then I have used Shawn's services a total of times 15 to be exact.  Yes, that’s right…and there has been distinct benefit delivered on FIFTEEN separate occasions! He has always been thorough, professional and very detailed. I have put a lot of trust in him and he has never let me down. I have never hesitated to recommend his service to others.

MARIUS CUCURNY Huntington Beach, CA

I own a real estate brokerage firm in Long Beach. I met Shawn back in 1992 where he performed a miracle and saved my client on a 1031 exchange just 3 days before the Christmas!  Since then I have exclusively used Shawn for all my clients and my personal and family's transactions. The feedback that I get from my clients is that Shawn delivers on his promises.  He has never let me down.


I am a Captain Pilot for Delta and a part-time real estate broker.  When I met Shawn 5 yrs. ago, I was representing my niece who was purchasing her 1st home.  He left such an amazing impression on me that I walked away thinking, “That’s the way you take care of clients!”


Recently, I reached out to him help me finance a purchase my retirement home. It was not an easy task, as I still own my current home and several investment properties.  Shawn explained everything to me up-front and kept me posted, closing the loan in just 28 days. Well done!!  Should you need a professional with over 34 yrs. of experience please reach out to Shawn Swaroop. He and his staff will take exceptional care of you.

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